piano tuition

in the studio

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Welcome to Play Piano Now

Play Piano Now offers the unique Simply Music Piano method.

This breakthrough system is suitable for a wide range of students 

no matter their age or previous experience.

For the first year or so you will be busy learning to play 30-50 great sounding...



...pieces using both hands before starting to learn to read music.

Although the.....

Play Piano Now..

studio is located way down on the south coast of Western Australia, I.....

..can teach pretty well anyone..

including children, teenagers, adults and seniors, however experienced, in private or shared lessons.....

..where ever they live on the planet Earth!

as I also offer online lessons via Zoom!


What is a playing-based method?

As a Simply Music® method student you will begin by learning a unique set of tools to unfold a series of simple concepts that translate pieces of music directly onto the keyboard.

You are then freed of other distractions so you can just concentrate on

playing the piano. 
With no immediate focus on having learning to read music at the same time, you have the opportunity to learn to play the piano before reading is introduced in the same natural way you learnt to talk before learning to read.

Barbara Helsby said.....

" I am very  pleased with my progress to date. The combination of time with, and  professional guidance from, Robin, along with access to the online material whenever I wish, is working very well"